Why Web Accessibility matters for our hotel?

One billion people worldwide live with a disability, and a person’s abilities can change over time. For example, as adults age, they may lose some of their sight or hearing. A disability can also be temporary, such as a broken arm or misplaced glasses. Sometimes the disability can be situational: someone on a busy subway who cannot hear the audio in a video would rather read captions, and someone by the pool in bright sunlight is in need of high contrast.

The best way to ensure your website is accessible is to provide multiple ways of accessing your content that account for a full range of potential disabilities (visual, auditory, cognitive, neurological, etc.). This includes implementing design guidelines such as:

  • Making sure all images have descriptive alt text
  • Adding captions to video content
  • Enabling keyboard navigation as an alternative to using a mouse
  • Ensuring that the layout and structure of your site is logical, intuitive, and simple to navigate

This site has passed the tests for WCAG 2.1 Level AA Compliance.

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