CretAquarium – the Aquarium of Crete

One of the largest and most modern aquariums in Europe, CretAquarium was founded and operates as part of the HCMR. It is geographically located on the north-western part of the former American Base of Gournes, where together with the premises of the research institutions of HCMR forms THALASSOKOSMOS – the largest centre for marine science and promotion of the Mediterranean sea world.

The magic of the sea floor and the diving experience into such a familiar yet unknown world -the sea world of the Mediterranean – cannot be described in just a few words.

This is the reason why we present some of the most interesting species to you during your tour at CretAquarium, as they are preserved in their particular ecosystems. A small virtual tour that follows the sequence of the section along the route path of the aquarium and that we hope it will inspire and alert you!

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cretaquarium turtle water park heraklion crete
cretaquarium turtle water park heraklion crete
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