About Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum of Crete has been functioning and operates under the framework of the University of Crete since 1980, being a pioneer institute at national and European level in the following activities:

  • Study and Management of the Natural Environment of Crete
  • Public awareness, education and sensitisation of local people as well as the visitors of the area
  • Link University activities with Cretan society
  • Set up a network of Ecological Museums in Greece and throughout the Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean is unique at a global level due to the great ecological and cultural complexity. The evenness as well as the contrast, the stability, many affinities and the special features characterizes the area.

The aim of the Natural History Museum of Crete is the study, protection and promotion of the special features of the area of Eastern Mediterranean.

The foundation and the development of NHMC were favoured by the following conditions:

  • The potential of the University of Crete and its ability to promote modern technologies in the field of environment
  • The geographical position of Crete, lying it the center of Eastern Mediterranean and the southernmost part of the European Union
  • The warm acceptance and support of the local society

For more https://www.nhmc.uoc.gr/en

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